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Research and development, defence solutions

Defence Research

Using our expert capabilities, we engage with early stage technologies to create your coherent R&D roadmap.

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Enabling Technology

Exploiting our existing technology platforms to create distinct deployment opportunities for our customers.

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Solider communications, defence technology

Engineering Solutions

Delivering deployable system solutions to ensure product differentiation and leading disruptive capability.

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What We Do

With Plextek DTS, you get an impartial view of any technology assessment or development programme placed with us. This allows you to lower the risk associated with applied research and the follow-on development activities to rapidly progress the technology readiness level of your concept towards the delivery of an intelligent solution.

Trust is an important element of your product development. As a government agency, defence supplier or military stakeholder, the technology company you appoint has to deliver leading-edge solutions within a stable framework.

Plextek DTS is a technology consultancy and defence partner with a proven track record of success for its customers.


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Find out how our unique & cutting edge engineering expertise can enhance your defence programme