The brief

To create an adaptive visual display architecture that can be used for camouflage and signage in a variety of situations.

The Approach

Plextek’s adaptive camouflage architecture is based upon flexible electrophoretic display technology as used in e-reader products. This electronic camouflage solution has been shown to reduce a vehicles visual signature when static. The displayed passive scheme can be rapidly updated to best match the surrounding backdrop making it adaptive to the environment. Its ability to passively change scheme is a step change in comparison to traditional methods, such as netting.

The Impact

The technology benefits a vehicle by only consuming power when changing scheme (less than 3 seconds) as it does not consume power to maintain camouflage pattern.
The capability increases land survivability thorough opportunities afforded by camouflage, concealment, and deception; and works across multiple environments such as rural, forest and urban scenes, where block patterns such as brickwork can be replicated.

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